Our Story

Once upon a time a company was created with the vision to provide a family the foundation for all they do — The Home. A place where a family grows together, laughs together, and works through all life’s challenges together. From reading StoryBooks to your children to sharing holidays with your family and friends; the home is the foundation of it all. This is why StoryBook Homes was created.

No detail is left to chance. We have selected new home communities in the most desirable neighborhoods, designed homes the way families live in them and offer each home at the best value possible. Isn’t that the way it should be?

The principals of StoryBook Homes, Wayne Laska and his wife Catherine have spent the last 23 years raising four children of their own. For almost 18 years Wayne was a member of a very successful homebuilding team that was able to provide over 21,000 quality homes to families all over the Las Vegas Valley. StoryBook Homes knows very well how important the home is to your family and stands firm on the leading principle that the family is the number one priority.

Let StoryBook Homes help fulfill your dream of building a foundation in your new home that your family can enjoy for many years to come.